Saturday, September 25, 2010

Creating a Desktop Launcher for Intelij IDEA

If we use windows operating system, it's really easy to startup Intelij IDEA by just double clicking the shortcut appears on the desktop. But when we are using Linux environment it is not that much easier. We have to open a terminal and change directory to Intelij IDEA location and run the shell script. This process is time wasting and boring. But we can create a Desktop Launcher and open the Intelij IDEA by just double clicking it like we are doing in the windows.

It is really easy to create a Launchers in Ububtu. Follow the steps to create a launcher for start intelij idea.

1. Right click anywhere on the desktop backgroun and click on "Create Launcher..." in the drop down menu.
It will give you the following window,

2. In Name text field give name for the launcher. Then you need to give the command to execute the For that browse to your intelij idea folder and select the file. To make it as executing command type "sh" to the beginning of the command text.

3. Click ok button. It will create a desktop launcher for intelij idea. You just need to double click on that icon to open the idea.

You can read more about the Launchers from following url.

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