Saturday, February 25, 2017

WSO2 Identity Cloud in nutshell

WSO2 Identity Cloud is the latest addition to  WSO2 public Cloud services.  Identity Cloud is hosted using WSO2 Identity Server which provides Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution. Initial launching of Identity Cloud has been focused on providing Single Sign On (SSO) solutions for organizations.

All most all the organizations use different applications. This cloud be in-house developed and hosted applications or Salesforce, Councur, AWS like SaaS applications. Having centralized authentication system for all the applications will increase the efficiency of maintaining systems, centralize monitoring and company security from system administrative perspective while it makes application users life easy. WSO2 Identity Cloud provides solution to configure SSO for these applications.

What are the features offered by WSO2 Identity Cloud ?

  • Single Sign On support with authentication standards - SAML-2.0, OpenID Connect, WS-Federation
     Single Sign On configurations for applications can be done using   SAML-2.0, OpenID Connect, WS-Federation protocols.   
  • Admin portal
    Portal provided for organization administrators to login and configure security for applications. Simplified UI is provided with minimum configurations. Pre-defined templates of security configurations are available by default for most popular SaaS apps. This list includes Salesforce, Concur, Zuora, GotoMeeting, Netsuite, AWS.
  • On-premise-user-store agent
    Organizations can connect local LDAP with Identity Cloud without sharing LDAP credentials with Identity Cloud and let users in organization LDAP to access applications with SSO.
  • Identity Gateway
    Act as a simple application proxy that intercepts application requests and applies security checks.
  • User portal
    User Portal provides a central location for the users of an organization to log in and discover applications in a central place, while applications can be accessed with single sign-on.

Why you should go for a Cloud solution ?

Depending on organization policies and requirements, you can either go for a on-premise deployment or Cloud Identity solution. If you have following concerns then selecting Cloud solution is the best fit for you.

  • Facilitating infrastructure - You don't have to spend money on additional infrastructure with the Cloud solution.
  • System Maintenance difficulties - If you do a on-premise deployment, then there should be a dedicated team allocated to ensure the availability of system and troubleshoot issues etc. But with the Cloud solution WSO2 Cloud team will take care of system availability. 
  • Timelines - Identity Cloud is a already tested, up and running solution. This will cut off the deployment finalizing and testing times that you should spend on a on-premise deployment.   
  • Cost - No cost involve for infrastructure or maintenance with the Cloud solution.

We hope WSO2 Identity Cloud can help building a Identity Management solution for your organization. Register and tryout for free - and give us your feedback on or